Club Partnerships

We are very fortunate to partner with some big time local and national companies.  Their continued support for our members with discounts and free products year after year has helped us continue to grow as a club!

*We are consistently looking for sponsors/donators to help fund the team’s financial costs (entry fees, travel, apparel, donations, etc). If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact Coach Lisa at


Athletic Performance in Los Gatos
Located in the heart of downtown Los Gatos, Athletic Performance has supported Wolfpack Running Club since day one.  With discounts of 20-30% off all apparel, shoes, and gear, Athletic Performance is our local go to shop for all of our running needs!  The team also enjoys special group run perks from the store during some of our weekend group runs!

The California based running apparel company helps outfit us in our training and racing gear, as well as our lounging around comfy clothes.  Wolfpack members get to enjoy discount opportunities on all the apparel during the year.

cepCEP Compression
From the moment you put them on, CEP’s proprietary compression profile gets to work on optimizing blood in the lower leg. The result is increased endurance, sustained power and reduced chance of injury for our Wolves.  Our members enjoy 20-40% off individual purchases as well as opportunities to earn some free product during the year.

nuun.pngNuun Hydration
Wolfpack harriers have stayed happy and hydrated with these amazing electrolyte tablets at an incredible 40% discount for the past few years.

Science in SportScience in Sport
Science In Sport (SIS) has been fueling elite endurance athletes for over 25 years with their advanced nutrition.  All Wolfpack members enjoy a 30% discount, and complimentary product including isotonic energy gels from SIS that keep us ready to go! .

brmassageBody Rest Massage
Body Rest Massage Wellness Center is located in the beautiful historic downtown Campbell. The office specializes in Deep Tissue, Sports, and Clinical massages.  A long-time partner with our team, Javier Marquez has done wonders for our members to keep us logging our happy and healthy miles!


strike2Strike Brewing Co
Who doesn’t love some local craft beers?  Your Wolves definitely do.  The folks at San Jose’s Strike Brewing Company know how to  bring in the sports enthusiast to their taproom.  Strike has partnered with us for a nice discount on product, some generous donations, and they help host some of our team meetings throughout the year.

rwRunning Warehouse
Running Warehouse provides us with a generous discount at their online store with some impressive gear at competitive prices with free overnight shipping.




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