Since the club’s inception in 1997, the club has grown from 6 members to over 100 in recent years. The Wolfpack Running Club is a Bay Area running club for (mostly) post-collegiate athletes looking to still get in some competition & training! We compete in Road races, Cross Country, and Track & Field events. We’ve had members who have competed internationally and even in the US Olympic Trials.  We continue to get members that can compete with some of the best athletes in the World.  A majority of the team competes in our regional USATF sanctioned Grand Prix Road and Cross Country series of races.

The distance-oriented team began after a group of West Valley College female alumni wanted to form a training group that would compete in a series of XC races against other running clubs.  They gathered some of their friends and the first “Wolfpack International” team was formed with the legendary Coach Bill Campbell at the helm.  Initially, the only men on the team were sprinters, but in 1999 XC runners joined the ranks and the ‘pack went to work. After a few years of rallying members to make complete teams for the Pacific Association (PA USATF) team scored races, the club slowly began to fizzle around 2005 due to many life changes for some key members.

In 2007, Coach Lisa Renteria took over the semi-defunct team and recruited some friends and a handful of local college grads with the goal to recharge and revamp the direction of the club.  Over the next 10+ years, Wolfpack has grown to over 100 members and has found support from many local and national companies.

Wolfpack Club Records

See how the club has finished in the PA USATF Grand Prix Standings over the years:



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